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List of avian humanoids

Today we want to address a topic that has gained great relevance in recent years. List of avian humanoids is a topic that has generated debate and controversy in different areas, from politics to science. In order to fully explore this issue, we will delve into its origins, its impact on today's society and the possible solutions that are being proposed. List of avian humanoids is a topic that concerns us all, since its influence reaches different aspects of our daily lives. Through this article, we intend to analyze and reflect on List of avian humanoids to have a clearer and more informed vision of this topic that is so relevant today.

Huitzilopochtli, national god of the Aztecs.

Avian humanoids (people with the characteristics of birds) are a common motif in folklore and popular fiction, mainly found in Greek, Roman, Meitei, Hindu, Persian mythology, etc.


Vishnu riding Garuda
A winged human-headed Apkallu holding a bucket and a pine cone. From Nimrud, Iraq. 883-859 BCE. Ancient Orient Museum, Istanbul
Horus with the head of a falcon


Action Figures

  • The Gothitropolitans form Gothitropolis and the Eathyrons of Eathyron, are Action figure lines of Mythic Legion Series line made by The Fourth Horsemen.

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