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In this article we will do a detailed analysis of TheWrap, exploring its most relevant aspects and its impact on current society. From its origins to its evolution over time, TheWrap has played a fundamental role in various contexts, generating debates and controversies around its meaning and implications. Throughout these pages, we will examine its influence in different fields, as well as its relevance in people's daily lives. There is no doubt that TheWrap has marked a before and after in history, leaving an indelible mark on culture, politics, the economy and in many other areas. Join us on this journey to discover everything TheWrap has to offer and how it has shaped our world to this day.

Screenshot of the homepage of TheWrap
EditorSharon Waxman
  • Entertainment
  • Media news
PublisherThe Wrap News Inc.
FounderSharon Waxman
Founded2009 (2009)
First issueJanuary 26, 2009 (2009-01-26)
CompanyThe Wrap News Inc.
CountryUnited States
Based in

TheWrap is an American multiplatform media company covering the business of entertainment and media via digital, print, and live events. It was founded by journalist Sharon Waxman in 2009.


For its journalism, TheWrap has won awards including best website in 2018 for a news organization exclusive to the internet at the Los Angeles Press Club's SoCal Journalism Awards and best entertainment website in 2018 at the National Arts and Entertainment Journalism (NAEJ) awards. In 2016, the L.A. Press Club's NAEJ gave the site its top prizes for feature photography and Sharon Waxman's WaxWord blog, as well as second place for Best Entertainment Website and Entertainment Publication. The site was named the best online news site in both 2012 and 2009 by the same group.

In November 2019, TheWrap was nominated for the 12th annual Los Angeles Press Club's National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards, including best website.


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